Interactive Exhibits

Bringing History to Life


Watch an Orientation Film


Begin your visit by watching an eleven-minute introduction to the Ruta de Plata region of Baja California Sur. Pique your interest in learning more about the unique geology, past mining adventures, and rich cultural history of this region.


Discover People & Cultures

Learn about significant locations along the Ruta de Plata, including Real de Santa Ana, El Rosario, and El Triunfo. Explore the lives of three central figures: Manuel de Ocio, Henry S. Brooks and Leonardo Orynski. Immerse yourself in the legend of Las Gallinas and imagine what life was like in this region during this era.


Delve into the Timeline


Uncover the historical overview of global, national and regional events that shaped the Ruta de Plata region from the 16th century to the early 20th century.


Listen to Oral Histories

Hear local residents share their recollections of the Ruta de Plata glory days. Their voices and stories draw you into these exciting times.


View Digital Scrapbooks


Look through photographs and memories from local families having historical ties to the Ruta de Plata region. Become part of this history yourself by sharing your own family's mining heritage memories and photographs.


Learn About the Region

The multi-layer display highlights the following features of this unique Ruta de Plata region:

  • Land & Water

  • Sea & Climate

  • Nature

  • Mining Activities

  • Exploration & Human Settlements

  • Culture & Economy


Explore a Simulated Mine

Experience firsthand the adventurous world of mining. Enter a simulated mine designed to educate, excite and surprise visitors of all ages.


Observe Minerals & Artifacts

See beautiful mineral specimens from Mexico and elsewhere in the world, as well as other intriguing mining artifacts. Eventually, we plan to open a Mineral Hall to showcase a larger collection.